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Where I Buy My Craft Supplies

by Jessica Amey

I’m absolutely obsessed with buying craft supplies and have drawers, shelves and boxes full of them all over my house, that’s not to mention my ever growing supply of yarn.

I enjoy looking at craft supplies as much as Mr C likes looking around scrap yards for car parts which is A LOT!

When it comes to buying them here are my favourite places…

The Range
On a horrible day we quite frequently go here and browse the huge kids craft / art supplies section. They sell lots of craft goodies for adults as well as kids so we usually all come away with something to do.

This is obviously the most well known of all the craft stores and the bigger stores of theirs really do have everything, some also run workshops too.

Docrafts are my Blogtacular sponsors and sell a huge range of craft supplies for kids as well as adults. If you love paper crafts then you should definitely check them out, you can also see what other people are making for inspiration.

Baker Ross
Baker Ross sell lots of craft activity packs for kids which are great if you aren’t sure where to start with a project. They also sell lots of materials.

Wool Warehouse 
This is my favourite place to buy yarn, it arrives really quickly and comes in a drawstring storage bag too. The Stylecraft Special DK is my favourite range, so many colours and so many colours.

Amazon generally sell pretty much everything so you can usually find the craft supplies you need on there!

You can find a great range of craft supplies in some of the larger supermarkets, all at a great price too.

I love visiting scrapstores as you never know what you will find. They are great for stocking up on posts, tubes, cardboard, material scraps etc and they also usually have a little craft supplies shop too. I made these binoculars using cardboard tubes that I found in a scrapstore.

Support Small Shops
The larger shops are fab as they offer great value but I also like to support smaller craft shops as they are at larger risk of going out of business.

Where do you buy your craft supplies?


And if you are looking to buy some craft supplies then do check out VoucherBin first as they have some offers for some of the stores I’ve mentioned above such as Hobbycraft and Baker Ross.

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