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Outdoor Adventures With Fatface

by Jessica Amey

As a family we love spending time outdoors so when Fatface asked us to put some of their clothing to the test we happily agreed.

I was initially hoping to get some photos of us all together but that is easier said that done because I’m incredibly un-organised and never remember to take my tripod out with me so instead these photos were all taken in different places!

I chose this denim jacket with a warm lining and it has been the perfect coat for spring as it’s still been so chilly. It’s so warm but at the same time doesn’t feel like you are wearing much. These were taken at a car show, we spend a lot of full days at them and in the morning when it’s early it’s always freezing (hence the boots!) but by the afternoon it was hot so I ended up taking sandals to change in to.



You can see their full range of ladies coats here.

I also chose a turquoise cardigan, you can see their range of knitwear here.

Mr C went for a hoodie which is way too big at the moment (he hates clothes being too small so always chooses them too big!) but as we tumble dry everything it will end up shrinking. And the Blackhill Technical Jacket.



Cherry chose this long-sleeved top with a camera on it and the Appleby Denim shorts which have embroidered pockets, again they are a bit big as I know they will shrink! They have the adjustable elasticated waist (best invention) though so you can tighten them.






Tiger is too young for their boy’s clothing range but he chose a crocodile cap which is still a bit big for him but Cherry has been enjoying wearing it instead.

Fatface clothing is of such good quality making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

You can see their full range here.

Clothing c/o Fatface.

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