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Putting Up Our Pines And Needles Christmas Tree

by Jessica Amey

Our Christmas tree arrived last week and we’ve been slowly adding decorations to it as we finish making them with more still to come. It was delivered by a company called Pines and Needles and is a 6ft Nordmann Fir which is the variety that doesn’t drop it’s needles, however I should probably start by saying that we have been incredibly unfortunate in that it is dropping lots!

I think with this it’s all about how a company deals with these situations and they dealt with it incredibly well. I emailed to let them know my tree was dropping a lot of it’s needles and they said they would send a replacement out straight away. At the end of the day it’s a natural product so it’s not their fault and I know it’s not a reflection on the quality of their trees. We were also sent one last year which barely dropped any needles at all and I know lots of my blogger friends who’ve been sent one haven’t had this problem so I think it is just one of those rare things that can happen with Christmas trees.

Cherry had great fun decorating it, we have the most random selection of decorations as you can see from this photo and we have since added some crochet ornaments to it as well. I’ve mentioned it lots before but we aren’t traditional at all when it comes to decorations and love lots of bright colourful things.



We made these little stuffed decorations and Cherry helped decorate them.




Dancing in front of the Christmas tree..




Thanks to Pines and Needles for sending us this tree. It’s so convenient having it delivered although we do need to work out what to do with it afterwards, our last one was in the garden until about a month ago!

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