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Longleat Christmas Festival Of Light 2015

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend we went to the Longleat Festival of Light for the second year in a row and had a brilliant time, although I’m not going to lie, the rain and wind did ruin it a little bit. You can read about our time there last year here but I think this year was much better as there were more light displays. The safari part wasn’t as good though as the rain meant that we barely saw any animals but there were some little monkeys cuddling inside a tree which was too cute, you will see in the video at the end.

The Longleat Festival of Light tickets let you use the whole park which includes entry into the house which is decorated, the safari part where you can see lions, monkeys, rhinos, giraffe, deer, cheetahs, tigers, wolves and Anne the elephant. Then there is also a different monkey area in the main bit as well as a penguin and sting ray area and room where you can hold tarantulas and snakes. Oh and a big bird enclosure. You can get a boat which will take you up to see the gorillas and you can feed the sea lions too on the way up there.

There is also a Postman Pat village and huge play area with indoor soft play section so you can easily fill an entire day there, especially if the weather is nice.

Here are some photos from the displays, if you get a chance before it ends then I would definitely recommend visiting, we used our Tesco clubcard points against our tickets again which meant we got them for £15 instead of £26. If you want then you can do the Santa train and ice-skating too but we didn’t do any of the extras. You can find the full information on the Longleat website.




They didn’t have this dragon boat last year but it looked amazing floating in the water.



This palace was amazing too, Cherry loved it.

longleat festival of light

festival of light fish display longleat


I made a little video of our day, it’s funny now as the kids are so used to watching videos on YouTube that they talk to the camera like it’s one of their friends. They’ve even started making their own, I have to set up the camera while they are making play doh eggs and they talk the camera the whole time.

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