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The Multi-Purpose Angel Chair

by Jessica Amey

After living in our house for over a year, this week Matt finally built some shelves and a desk into the alcoves in our living room. Our living room isn’t very big and we need to use the space carefully, we just have one sofa at the moment which is really large so can sit all of us but it’s nice to have an extra chair to sit on when we have people over or if I want to keep an eye on Cherry when she’s playing outside.

So we recently added a new chair to the room, an Angel Chair from Sloane and Sons. I love this chair for so many reasons.

Firstly because of how it looks, it comes in lots of different colours. I originally chose silver as I am a bit obsessed with light grey at the moment but it was out of stock so my second choice was the dark grey angel chair, probably a better choice given the mess the kids make on furniture!

I also love that it’s serves three purposes in our room. It can face towards the fire for reading or crochet in the winter.

Towards the window for when I’m watching the kids play.

As well as facing towards my computer to be used as a desk chair.

We can basically just keep spinning it round to use for different reasons so it really is a multi-purpose chair. It could even go up in our bedroom to be used as a place to chuck the clothes that have been worn once but aren’t ready to be washed yet.

I love the design of it too. I’m a fan of all Scandinavian style furniture.

Thanks to Sloane and Sons for sending us this chair to review, you can find the full range of angel chairs here.

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