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Organic Vegan Beauty Products By BIOMED

by Jessica Amey

Since turning vegan, just over a year ago, I’ve been trying out new beauty products to replace the ones that I had been using previously. Not only am I making sure they are vegan and cruelty free but also that they are organic and as natural as possible.

This hasn’t always been easy, I have had a total nightmare finding natural deodorants that actually work without leaving massive sores. Matt is so sick of hearing me complaining about it!!

I was recently contacted by BIOMED about their range of vegan, organic products and I chose four to test out. I went for Biotox, Pure Detox 24H, Pure Detox Mask and Forget Your Age Oil.

Now I’m heading into my mid 30’s (33 on Thursday!) I thought it would be a good idea to try some anti-aging products. I absolutely love the Biotox, it  mimics the effect of temple viper venom and reduces the appearance of muscle cell contraction. Obviously it’s impossible to know if these products actually work but when I was doing a class at the gym the other day someone did ask me if I was on work experience so it’s doing something 😉

I also love the face oil, it goes on really smoothly and doesn’t make your skin greasy.

The face cream is great too, I’m very picky with face creams as I have dry skin but also oily, this went on really nicely and was perfectly moisturising without being too greasy.

They have a whole range of products on their website so do go over and take a look if you want to try some new organic, vegan, skincare products. I’ve been really impressed and would definitely use them again.

If you wanted to order some products then I have a code too which will give you 30% off, on orders over £29.99. Valid until 03.09.2017.

I received these samples for the purpose of this review. 

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