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Lifeproof iPad Case Review / Toddlers And Technology

by Jessica Amey

Lifeproof iPad Case ‘s are a great way to protect your iPad from your toddler but first let’s talk about protecting your toddler from technology.

There has quite a lot of focus in the media lately about toddlers and technology.

Are they using it too much?

What effect is it having on them?

lifeproof ipad case

Lifeproof – the award-winning maker of all-protective, everyday cases for smartphones and tablets including the Lifeproof iPad case carried out a survey that revealed more than half of the 2000 parents asked let their child aged three and under use their phone or tablet.

Nearly two thirds of parents said that their children would opt for technology over their own toys if given the choice.

It was also found that seven in ten parents feel their children are brighter because of early exposure to technology, four in ten parents admit they use their gadgets as a way to keep their kids entertained and nine in ten believe that using gadgets can be educational for their kids.

Interestingly a third of parents with two or more children found there was a difference in the development of the youngest child who had been brought up using gadgets from an early age in comparison to the older siblings who hadn’t.

Baroness Floella Benjamin, OBE commented on the research: “Gadgets are a part of everyday life and are here to stay – but should be used as part of a child’s creative development along with other stimuli. There has been much written about the use of gadgets by children, and technology is becoming a vital part of everyday life – but of course, as with everything, should be used by children and teens in moderation. 

“Children shouldn’t be passive when it comes to technology, they need to be in touch with it, and learn to be creative and inventive, because ultimately there are many long-term benefits. 

It’s not just young children, our teenagers are also very much in touch with technology. It’s very much part of their lives when they’re out and about on school field trips, at festivals or camping excursions with friends.” 

I agree with what she is saying. I think like anything, technology needs to be used in moderation but that there are benefits to being exposed to it from a young age as it is around to stay whether we like it or not.

I have to admit that I haven’t really let Cherry use my gadgets very much because she smashed the screen on my old iPhone and I’ve been scared about the same thing happening. I have let her watch Noddy on my phone though when we are out and she gets bored, it has been so useful!

Unsurprisingly, damage to gadgets is high with a fifth of parents having had a smashed screen or broken gadget after letting their kids use it. This is why Lifeproof developed a case for smart phones and tablets that is water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.

LifeProof cases like the Lifeproof iPad case are designed to be slim and sleek, ensuring users have access to all of their device functions. This means they can take photos underwater, use their devices as a cook book in the kitchen, set up a GPS unit on mountainous bike rides, use fitness apps on the run – or hand them over to their kids.

We have been testing out a Lifeproof iPad case and they are AMAZING.

Lifeproof iPad Case

The Lifeproof iPad case comes with a test unit so you can check it’s water tight before putting your gadget in it and I have to admit I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet but I might try it one day as the thought of being able to take it in the bath to catch up on Home and Away is very appealing.

Not only do I feel happy to let Cherry use it but I am also a lot less worried when Mr C is using it as he nearly let it slide of a cushion the other day, had I not caught it then it would have no doubt smashed the screen.

Lifeproof iPad Case

I can’t believe I haven’t bought of one these sooner really as I definitely feel Cherry can benefit from using some of the apps available for kids. Although now I’m never going to get to use it myself!

Now I just need one on my phone!

For further information and to explore the full range of LifeProof cases click here.

Updated: We have been using this case for nearly two years now and it’s been invaluable! The kids have chucked the iPad on the floor so many times and it’s remained in perfect condition. 

Disclaimer: We we sent a Lifeproof iPad case free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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