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Pink Sparkly Shoes

by Jessica Amey

If you follow my blog then you will know about Cherry’s obsession with pink.

I’m just waiting for the day when she wakes up and no longer likes it.

Until that day I have no choice but to go along with it because otherwise I will end up buying her things she refuses to wear!

We recently went shopping so Cherry could choose herself some Clark’s shoes.

No prizes for for guessing what colour she chose?!

These are Constance May Doodles and were chosen because of the rainbow.


One of the things I love about Clark’s is the way they are so thorough when helping you choose your child’s shoes, Cherry tried on several pairs that weren’t right for her feet and the man pointed out the reasons why. What’s also interesting is how in some shoes she needs a bigger size.

When Cherry first started standing up / walking we bought her shoes from Clark’s (they have a great ‘cruiser’ range) but for the last couple of years we’ve been buying her shoes from different places. I did have it in my head that Clark’s shoes all looked a bit school uniform like and as Cherry’s style is very casual I thought they might be a bit smart but their ‘Doodles’ range is absolutely fab.

They come in so many designs and are really easy for Cherry to put on herself, always a bonus after I made the mistake buying lace-ups once!

Not only does she love pink but glitter is also a firm favourite so you can imagine her reaction when she saw these!



These shoes have been worn lots around here lately, no surprise really, pink with hearts and glitter, they were pretty much made for Cherry!


It’s also good to know for sure that her shoes fit her properly.

Waiting in the queue for shoe fitting is quite an amusing experience too, the parents all trying to persuade their kids to go for the plain velcro shoes when all they really want are the ones with flashing lights in the heels. It brought back memories of my own childhood!

I can remember really wanting those shoes that had a key in the sole, what was that even for?!

You can see the full range of Clark’s kid’s shoes here.

We were sent a Clark’s gift voucher to purchase these shoes for the purpose of this review.

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