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Finding The Perfect Pair Of Boots With Lyst

by Jessica Amey

If you haven’t heard of Lyst before (I hadn’t until recently) then it is a website that allows you to shop but in a smart way. You can follow brands, add things to your ‘lysts’ and if you find something you like then you can click through to the store and purchase it. You receive emails when your favourite items go on sale too, I love the idea of this as sometimes there are things I want but can’t afford and by the time I realise they are on sale they’ve already sold out in my size.

Within a few minutes of browsing the website I had spotted a pair of boots and instantly fallen in love. A lot of the time I’m never quite sure if I like things that much and it’s a rare occurrence for me to find things that I 100% love but I did with these Sorel snow boots. I think it was the colours that really caught my attention, I love grey and turquoise at the moment, well and pink too really!

Since they turned up I’ve barely taken them off my feet. They are SO warm and comfortable and I just wish I had come across snow boots before now because for the last few years I’ve struggled with being cold in the winter but these have completely changed that, well for my feet at least 😉

sorel snow boots lyst






If these boots aren’t for you then you can choose from over 200,000 others on the Lyst website, once you have narrowed down your search using the budget and style options you end up with a far smaller selection. It’s pretty much guaranteed that with so many boots listed or ‘lysted’ you should be able to find your own perfect pair of boots too. You won’t just find boots either, there is women’s and men’s clothing sections as well as gift inspiration posts.

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